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I’m frustrated

12.3 gb file only importing half into nero

i cant seem to import my mp4 12.3 gb file into nero 17 to create a bluray disc... it is importing only 1hr 41mins of the 3hr 3mins original file
? Can anyone urgently help please?
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  • Hi Stark-

    There was a similar problem in this thread-

    There may be more but I didn't look for them.

    This had the appearance of a codec issue but, no one had the courtesy to provide a final response from tech support so, I don't know if that's the real issue or if it's truly a file size issue. I don't have a file that large to test.

    Perhaps you would ask tech support about it by going here-

    and submitting the contact form.

    It would be great if you would post their response.
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