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2014 platinum cannot see my dvd drive, reinstall? Install wiper untility?

I bought 2014 platinum it does not recognize my dvd drive, the drive has the latest available firmware but it is a couple of years old. I'm told you have some sort of utility that completely removes all registry entries etc and a reinstall will probably fix that, I had an older version of nero on here, perhaps it left a mess when I uninstalled it because I had the same issue with that one suddenly. Running windows 8.1 on my desktop, removed it and put it on my laptop where so far it is working flawlessly. I'd like to have it on my desktop since I use that most often for burning but I needed something now so was forced to put it on the laptop until I can fix the issue with the desktop. I just bought 2014 and now I see 2015 is out is there a cheap upgrade price to the new version?
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