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Hello, I have purchased from you ESD version of Nero Platinum 2014, and I would like to ask you how it is with the activation of third party patent. I had recently is to reinstall PC. After installing Nero Platinum 2014 to the same computer, and then open the Ner Video I had to activate the patent of a third party with a choice of 1) to activate the patent because the re-use or installation 2) to activate the patent for more PC. I entered my first option, of course, a patent activated and everything works as well as when I first installed Nero. My question is: will this license be transferred to another PC when you need to buy a new course from the original SW uninstall and reinstall occasionally or when existing PC for cleaning. A or as limited activation of this patent. Many times thank you in advance for your answer Tomas (bambr@seznam.cz)
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    The easiest way to explain this is- to install v14 on two computers and be able to activate the patents on both computers, you would need to have two serial numbers.

    If you bought a new computer and wanted to transfer v14 to it and activate the patents, it would ask you why you're doing that during the installation and you would select something like 1) in your discussion above.

    If your existing system crashed and you lost v14, you would just reinstall it.

    If you wanted to reinstall v14 on your existing system, you would just reinstall it. (It might be beneficial to uninstall the uninstalled version first.)
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