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I’m frustrated

Another computer crash issue by Microsoft Updates.

I have tried support to no avail, to recover my NERO 9, seems they want to sell more than they want to help their already paid customers.Why should I have to pay for something I already bought? New is improved, but still rather have my older NERO 9 back. I bought the upgrade online a few years ago(maybe more).
I'm very disappointed in the response I got and the lack of care they had.
After the PC crash and a clean install of Windonuts 10, I lost all the app.s' and license keys i had (and the folders where I keep the registration exe files), even the CD I kept copies on is gone missing.
Your Nero Support Ticket has been filed: NERO-171022-0012, Seems like all the Corp.s' are playing " the can't find it in the database game"
Sorry If i sound angry, but I am. Imagine if everyone paid twice for something, would there be a third time?
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