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Back it up restore wont work

i downloaded the 2014 backitup and it wont work on my xp system fully updated or my windows 7 system fully updated, all i get is a blank screen when i click on the nbi file i want to restore, then i try and click on the arrow to proceed to step 2 and nothing happends. any support on this issue?
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  • What did you use to create the original backup? Did you name the backup? Is the backup to the cloud or is it local?

    To my knowledge, you don't click on any .nbi files to restore a backup. Normally, Backitup should present a list of named backups to restore for you to pick from. Depending on the version of Backitup, you may or may not be able to select individual files/folders to restore after you make a selection.

    A screenshot of what you're seeing would be helpful.
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