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Backup and Transfer 2016 Platinum to new PC

I recently purchased Nero 2016 Platinum and installed it on a Win10 PC.
I expect to upgrade this PC to a newer model sometime after 12/2016 which is after my downloads expire. How do I move my software to the new PC after it arrives?
and #2, is there a way to make a backup copy of the software?
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  • Hi Gary,
    Take a note of your serial/licence number ... (39 characters including the hyphens), from the existing installation - found in Nero ControlCenter - under the Serial Numbers section. (You can right click on the number and copy and paste it to notepad for example, if you want to save typing. - to save the text file to a USB perhaps.

    For Nero Platinum 2016, you can download the "Trial" stub installer from the Nero downloads website. (Also the Creative Content Pack)

    Enter your serial number in either during the installation, or after via the Nero ControlCenter / Serial Numbers / "Add" button, which should turn the trial version into the paid for one.

    If it gets moved as an older version when Nero 2017 comes out ...

    You will most likely be able to download the Nero version and content pack from the Nero Previous Products Website. Currently, the previous products has a web address as per below ...

    I expect they will make one for Nero 2016 ...
    (Probably like this:

    You can only have one active copy per serial number, so the original one will need to be uninstalled.

    On the new computer ...

    If you receive a pop-up asking you why you are re-installing choose "Permanent Transfer" or "Technical Issues" or words to that effect.
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    Great. Thanks for the answer. I always worry that the online downloads go away and then your stuck.
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