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Black Friday Discount Promotion Email

I've got quite a few computers running different versions of Nero and when this email came through with Nero 2014 with 72% discount emblazoned all over it I thought "bonza" lets round up the Chickens and get some of this £24.99 action before the 24hrs runs out!!! - Took a while to get the Chickens into their hut because the Goat trod on one and then the Mrs ran out of Carrots so I had to drive to Tesco to get more. Ran out of petrol and pushed me car into the car park of the local hostelry.. The "Cheese And Frog" is famous for its happy hour and I happened to notice Newcastle Brown ale was on offer at £1.50 /bottle ~ bit bad really as 28 bottles of Nuke later I was stumbling back down the road tripped up and fell into a patch of strange looking mushrooms happened to be growing, quite successfully, around a pile of Badger droppings...
Nature provideth the xyz and the noughts and ones for us all to have the best possible (and most fulfilled) life but sometimes even Nature can't provide more -time- and mine was running out fast!!! Strange flashing lights were hovering overhead and small insect-like creatures were calling to me "berterb, berterb we have a shiny metal probe just for you!!"
I awoke, covered in mud, aching painfully (all over) slouched Neo-like dribbling into me keyboard one eye on the Nero shopping page where (in smaller non-Newcastle brown compliant text) my purchase turned out to be a mere upgrade!!! I'd been duped!!
So, do I need to install something before this "upgrade" or will it work as a stand alone? The Aliens want to know and they have a probe for you toooooo!!!
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  • I like your story. I haven't had a time like that recently but there were times. :)

    As far as I can tell from the e-mail, there's no mention of it being an upgrade or update.

    As a result, you should download the 2014 trial from, Products and install it, using your purchased serial number during the installation. If it installs, run the check for updates from the Nero ControlCenter. Then install the Content pack and run the check for updates once again.
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