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I’m frustrated

Black Thumbnails

I have Nero 14 + the content pack and when making Express Video or Slideshow the imported Thumbnails are all grey with the circle and the white triangle inside. When moving them to the Video/picture time line they are black. How can I change this to see the video or the picture in the imported section and into the timeline. I had this problem with Nero 12 on this computer but not on my laptop. I have not downloaded Nero 14 to my laptop as it works with the imported photos and videos thumbnails shown as pictures and until I can get it fixed on my main computer I do not want it to change to Black Thumbnails - Hope you can help me.
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  • Please note that you can use a purchased Nero serial number on only one computer. However, I don't think that would affect .gif files, which I think would be the format of a thumbnail. If they're not .gif, what are they?

    In some cases, there will be black at the start of an imported media file. If you move the positioning line within the photo, video or thumbnail, is there still no picture?

    In v14, there is no option to dictate the use of black thumbnails that I can find. About the only option you have is to select Options, Application Settings, Editing and checkmark the box to enable Nero background rendering. However, I don't think this would make any difference given that the imported files are not rendered as actual photos or video etc. in the media area.

    When you click on Pictures in the media area, are the default pictures rendered properly?
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