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Blu -Ray burning troubles?

First off,can you add photos to a video that your going to burn in Blu-ray.I have a little over 1 year old Ridata BD-R disc that have been working well but here lately they have been failing.This is aggravating when you sit through a 30 or 40 minute trans coding process only to have the burn fail.I check the log file and sometimes it shows "Illegal disc" (see pic 2991) I attempted 5 times and all failed and 3 of the 5 time I can find that illegal disc in the log file but all the log files at the bottom show "Burn process failed status 3" (see pic 2990) I am using M2ts video files and JPG photos. I even tried removing the photos from the video and the burn still failed.Do I have a batch of bad disc or what is the problem.Any help is appreciated. Thanks
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