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Burned DVD with Nero 2014 is skipping

I have Nero 2014 and before now I've not had an issue with burning discs of videos I've put together (there are four different mp4s that I put together in one movie). In fact I've burned some of these files before with no problem with the same version of Nero on the same desktop (Windows 7).

The last couple times I've tried burning the file, it completes successfully and the disc itself looks fine. I put it in a DVD player and it plays fine until about an hour in - it starts skipping for no reason that I can see.

Also if I export the exact same file as an mp4 to my desktop, it plays just fine - no skips or stops.

The file comes in at just under 8 gigs (about 3 1/2 hours of run time). Has anyone else come across anything like this? Any suggestions?
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