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Burning ROM asking for 3rd party registration

I have the licensed version of Nero Platinum 2015 that I installed over 6 months ago and it was working fine. I have not used it for about 3 months. Before that, it was working fine and I was using the Burning ROM frequently.

I just tried to use the Burning ROM to burn a video DVD and a window popped up saying something about Nero needs a 3rd party program to be registered or something and that it needs to connect to the Internet. I went ahead, but it stated it has already been used and cannot be used twice or something and Nero shut down the Burning Rom.

I have noticed in Windows Firewall that it is not blocking Nero Burning ROM. There is a tick mark next to Nero Burning ROM.

Why is this happening? How can I get the Burning ROM working again please?
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