Can I use online backup with BackItUp 12?

I have Nero 12 which has BackItUp v12.5.7000. I'm trying to back up files online. However, when I get to the screen to either setup a new "Nero Online Backup" account or sign in, I get an error that says, "The connection to the Nero Online Backup service cannot be established. Please check your Internet connection."

Since I never used Nero BackItUp 12, I don't know if I'm encountering a real problem or if the online backup functionality has been discontinued in v12 and requires me to use BackItUp 2014.

I downloaded the free trial version of BackItUp 2014 and that seems to work. But at the same time, I do like all the functionality that is in BackItUp 12 and I would like to use it if I can back up to the cloud.
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