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Can't play bluray movies

I purchased the a copy of Nero Classic 2017 Multimedia Suite on the Amazon web site. I installed the software on a Levono with an i5 core running @ 2.5 GHz and Windows 10. I replace the DVD drive with a bluray drive. According to the reviews the program will play bluray discs. The computer recognizes my bluray player the the program says no bluray player found. What gives.
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  • Hi Tony-

    The Nero Blu-ray player was discontinued starting with v2016. In addition, it was only in the Platinum versions. Here in the forum, we suggest something like the free Leawo Blu-ray Player.

    You can burn blu-ray discs with your version.

    Looking at the description at, it says you can play photos, videos, etc. but it doesn't specifically say that you can play discs. I don't know if that wording is from Nero but it should specifically state you can't play blu-ray discs.
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