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Can't make DVD copies

I just purchased and loaded Nero Burn Express 3 for the sole purpose of making copies of existing DVDs. I inserted a DVD-R and the program read the information. Then, when it asked for the blank DVD-R that it would use to make a copy, an error message appeared that stated that "There is not enough space to burn this compilation onto this disc. Please insert another disc that provides more space...
Also included the message was the following:
-Data to be written: 4,279 MB (4,487,380,992 bytes)
-Space available on the disc: 2 KB (2,048 bypes)
-Disc required for the compilation: DVD R/RW, DVD DL, DVD-RAM
-Disc type in the recorder: (Empty).
The original disc to be copied was originally burned on a Memorex DVD-R today and the disc to receive the copy was from the same manufacturer. I inserted 3 different identical DVD-Rs and received the same message. What's wrong and how do I correct it.
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