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Can't read files from InCD disc

I made some disc many years ago to archive some data. In attempts to recover this data the disc shows to not have files, but a recovery brings up a message:

You are currently trying to read a disc in the UDF Packetwriting format.
You are seeing this message instead of the contents of the disc because your system currently does not support the UDF format.

To make your System UDF compatible, we have developed a complimentary software tool, the InCD EasyWrite Reader.

To download the latest InCD EasyWrite Reader just visit our website at

I've tried different versions of InCD, but haven't been able to get to the data I wish to recover. I am positive the data was on the disc when the archive was made. The system used no longer exists. If anyone has any idea on how I may be able to recover my data, please let me know. Thanks!
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