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CD burn slowdown for no apparent reason with Nero 7

I have an issue with Nero 7. I'm running it on a desktop pc which runs Windows XP. It used to burn a cd w/in 8 minutes, but now it takes over 20 minutes to perform the same task. What could be the cause of this? There is currently no discernible reason why this should be happening when it's worked well for so many years. I do not currently have the budget to replace my PC and the software, so that solution is out of the question.

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  • Hi Bhanu-

    I assume you're using either Burning Rom or Nero Express.

    Please go here-

    C:\Users\"your user name"\AppData\Roaming\Nero\Nero 7\Nero Burning ROM

    Find the Nerohistory.log file.

    It would be easiest if you would upload the file to a cloud service such as Share it and provide the link here.

    You can also open it and copy/paste its contents here. You will probably have to use more than one Reply box to get the whole thing in here since a Reply box is limited to the amount of text it can contain.
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