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I’m confused

Chapter Numbering not working

I'm using the standard 1930's Movie Theater template. What I used to do in Nero 11 was to uncheck "Restart Numbering on every page" then check advanced editing to get things where I want them.

In 2014 using the same procedure during editing, the numbers are correct - the second page shows 4., 5., 6. and the third page shows 7., 8., 9. like expected But during rendering, every page is showing 1., 2., 3.
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  • Several other things that used to work in 11 are having issues in 2014.

    When creating a DVD menu, audio under a menu does not seem to obey the fade in and fade out settings in the background properties. In fact, I made a wav file that had its own fade in and out, but the menu system truncated it even though I selected "Fit to audio duration. So it made my pre-faded audio shorter (cutting off the fades) *and* didn't obey the fade in/fade out from the background audio options. I also think it did not obey the audio level setting in that background tool.

    The animations for the chapters are not rendering to the end of the audio/video underlay. They seem to stop at 30 seconds even though I have a 45 second audio clip and video for the background.

    Additionally, the audio length tool is not displaying properly. See image.
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