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comprei o Nero Platinum 2018 e ele não instala e o suporte não resolve meu problema

gente eu não consigo instalar o nero platinum 2018, já entei em contato com o suporte eles mandaram eu fazer uns procedimentos mas nada pedi que mandassem um link pra uma iso e nada até agora sem resposta desde o dia 18
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  • Portuguese questions @ an English forum? Complicated. But Google translate made this out of it:
    I bought Nero Platinum 2018 and it does not install and support does not solve my problem. People I can not install Nero platinum 2018, I already contacted the support, they had me do some procedures but nothing. Asked to send a link to an ISO and nothing so far. Unanswered since the 18th.

    What Windows version are you running?
    Do you have administrator rights on this Operating System?
    Was there an earlier version of Nero installed already and is it removed?
    What kind of error messages (if any) do you get?

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