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Content Packs and Nero LifeThemes PRO

I am a newbie to this forum.

After watching a friend use Nero to create a DVD-Video and photo slideshow I am really keen to purchase the product myself. Whichever Nero product I buy, I want to be able to make use of the content pack material, including ideally the brand new content in the 'LifeThemes Pro'.

On the face of it, the product version I want is 'Nero Standard 2019 Suite' because I don't have any need for 'Nero BackItUp' nor 'Music Recorder'. If I chose 'Nero Standard 2019 Suite', does this preclude me from any of the content packs and/or 'LifeThemes Pro'? What would I miss out on?

Am I right in understanding that Content Pack 1 hasn't actually been updated or added to since 2012(ish), but instead has just been rebadged year after year?

For the two content packs, is there a handy contents list detailing what themes/subjects they cover and how many?

Many thanks

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