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Conversion from NVC to Mpeg

I would like to convert some of my NVC files to Mpeg files . How can I do this???
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  • Hi Robert,
    .nvc files are project files for Nero Video, they don't actually contain the video that was used when saving the project, rather, they are "shell" files which contain links to the files that were used at the time as well as editing information.

    So, provided you still have the original files exactly where they were at the time of making the project, when you Open one for using in Nero Video, it should display the video / pictures as you last saved them ...

    So, once you have Opened a project file (not the same as importing ... you can't import a project file, but you can Open one) ...

    You will be taken to Nero Video screen where you last saved the project.

    It might be the "Editing" screen for example.

    So, if you want to produce an Mpeg video file from that, you can click on the "Export" button down the bottom...

    Select the "Export video to file" option.

    You can then export that clip to a .mp4 file for example. By selecting MPEG-4 in the Format drop-down.

    Or, a .mpg if you select MPEG-2


    Select where the exported file will go and / or give it a name ..

    Then hit the export button.

    Wait for it to transcode out to the video file to a file on your hard drive.

    If, on the other hand, you want to burn a playable DVD ...

    You can click on "Next" instead, and from the "What do want to do next" screen ...

    Select Create a disc / DVD / DVD - Video

    That will take you through the DVD creation stages ... Select a Menu (or None) ...
    Preview .... Burn to DVD

    Where the clip will be transcoded and burned to a DVD disc.
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