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Convert mpeg2 to go onto a memory stick for use with an HD TV

I'm trying to put some video onto a memory stick. It has been taken off from a dv camera and converted to be put on a dvd. I try to use the Nero recode and I can never see it on my computer. help!!
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  • Hello Jelly-

    If you want to put it on a memory stick, open Nero Video and select AVCHD, Memory Stick.

    However, I don't know what you mean by "converted to be put on a DVD." To burn a video file to a DVD, which is playable in a standalone player, either as an AVCHD-DVD (which only plays in a blu-ray player) or DVD-Video DVD, then you would have to import it into Nero Video and select the disc type either when you open Nero Video or, after editing, if you use one of the "Make" options.
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