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Cover designer with latest canon & Tray M - or not :/

I am currently using Nero 2016 which has been OK apart from a few niggles which I can overcome with workarounds. I am now wondering whether it is worth my upgrading to Nero 2018.
This is the ONE thing which will decide the issue for me as #2016 does everything else I need.
The question is: Does Nero Cover Deisgner support the new Canon printers using the M-Tray (or Tray M)?
As you guessed I've bought a new printer - Canon PIXMA TS8150. I can find no other compatible software other than the bundled "Image Garden" which is, quite frankly, abysmal.
So - does Nero 2018 support direct-ti-disc printing on the Canon PIXMA TS8150 using the 'Tray M' ?
Thanks for looking.
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