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Create Slideshow videos in Nero using the pictures' metadata / EXIF / IPTC etc.

I create slideshows in IrfanView, which allows me to display EXIF and IPTC data right in the slideshow as it's playing, without permanently embedding the chosen text in the picture. It would be very helpful if Nero would give this capability in a future release. I used to be able to create the slideshow in IrfanView, then use Nero to burn it to DVD or another video format, but that has broken somewhere along the way. If Nero had the ability to display the metadata for the pictures, that would allow much more flexibility in creating the slideshow. Please consider this.

I prefer to display the metadata because it can be edited, and stays with the picture for all time and uses, unless I choose to strip it. Typing captions in manually in video editing programs only allows a single use of the data unless it is burned into the actual picture / pixels.
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