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Decide If You Would Like To Join A Positive Organized Movement Resulting In Face-To-Face Discusions

I am quite certain that we all can type and post, be it positive or negative, valid or useless, but in the end we will have accomplished nothing that benefits the customers and results in an Improved Nero Corporation.

I am volunteering to organize this effort which will include gathering all the names and contact information of those that are willing to focus on two outcomes; customers with genuine concerns and complaints are not only heard but the combined voice will lead to an improved respect for loyal customers as demonstrated by action steps that lead to customer satisfaction. At the same time I will work to develop open and honest communication with Nero leadership who are informed, empowered, and desire to listen knowing that the best response to what is heard will be good for the customer and good for the company.

Yes, we could storm the gates of yet another Corporation that is perceived by many to be like all the others; self-centered, with every decision ultimately being about the Corporations profit margins. The problem with that approach is that assumes something about all leaders within the company that might not be true and the chances of making any significant progress are historically about .5%.

If you have had a seriously negative experience that has left you angry and frustrated to the point that "storming the gates" is the only option you can be a part of, I for one certainly do not judge you, and although you would prefer not to join a movement that is looking for a "win-win", I for one would still want to know your experience and would be working on your behalf regardless of the position you take. There are those who are seriously damaged both financially and emotionally by Corporate representatives, which leave the company without excuse and those people/cases should not be dismissed or overlooked.

I have found that diplomacy backed by a great number of customers can in the final chapter, reveal changes and provisions that go well beyond what anyone could have ever expected. When leaders in a Corporation are willing to take a hard and honest look at what the Corporation as done, and what it has become, that alone can be enough to shake a company's foundation, realizing that this could be a great opportunity; turning failure into true success which "Great Corporations" are often know for.

If you are interested in this proposal, all that is needed is your name and contact information, which will indicate that you are "all-in" to be a customer that helps a Corporation help its customers by providing an action plan that will benefit the loyalty you have given, and be willing to see a company grow and improve which means the products you want will be better than ever before.

Send an email or post a short message that provides the information. As the list grows it will be periodically posted. As Nero sees the willingness of a multitude of customers to be a part of a positive change for all involved; doors will open.

My email is I have done this before with a much larger World Class Corporation, and the outcome was that the CEO/Founder/Chairman supported free PC upgrades for a high-end machine, for every customer in the world.

I enjoy serving and helping others. That is my motivation. My reward is the "joy", nothing more. GB (gbakmars)
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  • I would like to be a part of this. I have had a recent bad experience with Nero, such a contrast to many years of wonderful programs and company service from Nero. Something has changed with Nero's new philosophy of relating to customers, designing its programs with inadequate documentation. I realize that Nero must be a German company now, but it needs to take some lessons from how the best American software companies maintain good customer loyalty and resolve problems. The new Nero needs to learn to put the customer first. If they do, they will find that customer satisfaction will improve and so will company profits.

    My issue with Nero is still not resolved. They sent me the wrong program but refuse to refund my money. They just send me technical information about other programs I can buy from Nero to do what I assumed their required upgrade would do.

    Nero also needs to provide better documentation BEFORE purchase of their products, especially since they now seem to have a policy of no refunds. They can also address the problem of being sure that customers get the right programs by using approaches used by some other software companies such as trialware, crippleware, etc.

    My name is Wayne Leman and my email address is

    Like you, I hope that we can be part of a movement that can help the new Nero company get better. I don't want to sound like a complainer or speak negatively about a company. But when I see that things need to change to help a company have better customer relations (and better profits from those better relations), I want to try to help.

    I hope that the new Nero company is willing to listen well, something which American customers find so very important.
    • There's no new Nero company. It is just the same german company. The problem is Nero succeeded for years in being a leader in burning software. But to get achieve more attention multimedia SW was included more and more. This raises the complexity.
      With this it isn't possible to use the old way of development: implement new functions, document them "a bit", wait for error reports from users, correct these.

      With the inclusion of MultiMedia the types of customers has changed. Now we there are more and more users without deep computer knowledge.
      This situation should be taken into account by Nero support. Means, support must have a deeper knowledge of the internals and a more direct connection to a development department, that knows about his errors.
      Further it is no more adviseable to sell SW products with the appearance of beta state.

      My name is Bernhard Bitsch and I can be contacted by
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