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I’m (insert curse words)

Does Nero purposely make their products faulty ?

Ok, my problem has to be unique and it happened literally overnight....

nero video (OF COURSE) is all glitchy (2017 ''platinum'', HA !!!)
1st off, the red/round icon no longer pops ip showing the player. it stays pinned. in order to bring it up, i have to right click it and the click on the job name. ok, now the ''player'' is ip but the bottom buttons are gone....all of them.

what i had to do was press the area where the buttoms would be if they were showing and voila...

ive had to suffer through all kinds of nero malfunctions through the yearS but this is a 1st. again, it was working swell (most of the time) until yesterday. i didnt change anything or any setting. ive noticed problems occur when new versions are for sale......

Year in, year out, nero forums are overrun by CUSTOMERS having to deal with PRODUCT defects. what is their problem (besides 'screw em, they keep buying the products knowing full well the headaches that are waiting).

i absolutely applaud the volunteers who do the work nero big shots refuse to do. they take the cash and leave everyone in the lurch.

anyway, my anger is not aimed towards the amazing folks who take time to help but to those at NERO HQ !!!!!!!!
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