dvd to device copy to and play from hard drive.

I have home videos that were converted through Scan Digital and returned to me on a DVD. I would like to put the on a hard drive, but they have video, audio and a bup file on the DVD that is not allowing me to play these from the hard drive. Will your 2014 Platnuim version with device to device solve this issue? Can you explain or allow me to test/
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  • With the Nero D2D program in Nero 2014 Platinum, you will be asked to select the destination and content which you want to rip from the DVD to your hard drive or device.

    If that is normal Video DVD, you can also use Nero Video 2014 or Nero Recode 2014 to rip the DVD movie to your computer hard drive.

    You are welcome to download the latest trial version of Nero 2014 Platinum from our website and to test it free of charge for 15 days as of installation:
    Install Nero 2014 first, followed by the Nero Content Pack.
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