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Edit audio track of video using Nero Video Version 17.

I'm need to make a correction to a company safety video. The video is correct but the audio track needs to be edited. I just need to change 2 words. I just purchased Nero Platinum 2016. The file was originally in VOB format and I'll successfully imported it into Nero Video.

Thanks for any assistance.
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  • Hello Marshall- I'm not aware of any way to modify the wording within an audio file using Nero.

    What I would do is make a recording with the revised words. Of course, you will need a microphone. In the Nero Video editing screen, just click on Record. Say the words you want and stop. The recording will be on the narration track. Then, right click on your video and select "unlink video and audio". Click on the audio file and then playback to determine where to start and stop cutting. Cut the audio and remove the cut portion. Then, you can drag the recorded audio to the audio track where you made the cut and merge all the parts.
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