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Edit only inside the cut area


as the attached image shows, I added two videos to my project. It ́s from an online race : video 1 shows the view from the cockpit. The sounds comes from this video. Video 2 shows the view from the TV camera perspective and I checked to hide the sound. This video 2 I set to be only in a small part of the top right screen as the image shows.

What do I need: at some point during my lap, I want only my video2 to show up, and fullscreen, and with it ́s own audio. Later, it will again come back to the first format, that is the video 2 only in a small part of the screen and the audio from video1.

Problem: I try to create a start and end cut. Between this 2 points, I deleted video1 and enlarged video2 to take the fullscreen. But the effect extends to the part before the cut. Also, I ́m not getting to play different audios (video1 or video2) on different parts of the cut. If I click to hide, it will do for the entire project. Is there a way I can do the changes to affect only my cut area and not touch what exists before it ? Hope I got to make it clear. Thanks.
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