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Extracting videos with own names

I have Nero 17 Platinum, I'm using Nero Video to upscale home videos to 4K, I'm wondering whether anyone knows how to extract multiple videos with each video having it's own name. Currently if I extract multiple video the videos will have the same name with just a number at the end increasing, example name1, name2, name3.

I know how to extract multiple videos at once but not how to give them their own names until after the extraction.

Any help would be appreciated.
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  • Hi Lloyd-

    Would you explain exactly how you are "extracting" multiple files? Are you in Advanced Editing with numerous video clips on the timeline?

    I know how to select and export one or more videos at one time and give the specific name but this only creates a single file.

    I'm ashamed to say that I've never used the new feature they added a few versions back for exporting more than one video at a time and purportedly encoding each video to its own file. The manual doesn't say anything about how to do this. Maybe one of the other volunteers has used it and will jump in here.
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    • My problem is that I never took the time to find the Multi Export feature ( guess because of a lack of questions about it). Still don't know where that feature is and it's not mentioned in the v2016 manual. I was hoping Lloyd, you or one of the other volunteers would be more specific. On the other hand, the description you provided answers Lloyds question.
    • Wither 1,

      Maybe you could start Nero 2017 (or 2018) Video and look around in the Video Edit screen's Express Mode?
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