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Freeze/stutter(?) during transitions at random points in a simple music video | Nero 2015

I have high-res video files of different file types (.mp4, .MTS) which I am joining together with simple crossfade transitions and adding a music track to.

At the point when file 'A' is transiting to file 'B', B freezes for half-a-second, then plays. This only occurs with _some_ files, not all.

This problem occurred when I tried a Gradient transition also.

This bug occurs to different files, when I remove or add them at different points in the completed video. It seems random. I have a PC with a 3.4ghz processor and a good amount of RAM, on Windows XP. I have turned off Avant anti-virus.

It occurs regardless of the export file quality; it happens in high or low-res mpeg or .MTS files.

Any clues would be appreciated.
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