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get my update back without a charge

i had updated my nero in 2017 the nero i had was a 2015 version since then my pc crashed and i have a new one so i have put the 2015 back on my new pc and i want to get my update back on this new pc how do i do it without you charging me again.
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    Hi Brian,
    As long as you have a valid Nero Serial Number for the updated version, you should be able to install that one as a stand-alone on your new pc.

    Is it 2017?

    If so, you would have a serial number for that version and if you go to the Nero downloads page of older versions, you can download and install the correct version, entering the serial number either during the installation or after via the Nero ControlCenter / Serial Numbers ... "Add" button. (39 characters long including the hyphens.)

    For 2017 ...

    Try here for example:

    If you need to look up the serial numbers ....

    Assuming that you purchased the software online ..

    There is a chance that your serial number can be found via the Cleverbridge lookup site.

    This website below might be able to show the serial number via your email address used to purchase:

    Once you receive the email response from Cleverbridge, click on the "All details on this order" link to see if the serial number is there.
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