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Has anyone else seen changes in how e-mail notifications of replies and comments work differently when they are opened?

Heretofore, whenever I received an e-mail identifying a response or comment to a topic I was following and opened it, the text of the reply or comment would display. Also, at the bottom it would have a button which would say "view reply" or "view comment". Clicking on that button would not only take you to the topic, it would open it at the point the reply or comment was made.

About two weeks ago, these buttons quit working. I had to click on the link within the e-mail and it would open the topic but would not go to where the actual reply or comment was made. In addition, the actual reply or comment was no longer displayed in the e-mail.

Yesterday, the buttons disappeared and, the only recourse is to click on the link to the topic.

I'm using IE.
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