Have Nero 9 Disk 0 lost sleeve - need to install on new machine

I have Nero 9 on my machine running Windows 7. Perfectly happy with it. Building new machine that will also run Win 7. Problem is I can't find my disk sleev with install code on it. Is there a way to get the install code of out my installed version of Nero 9? Thank you.
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  • If you still have v9 installed on your existing Win 7 system, all you need to do is go to the Nero ControlCenter. The serial number should be under License.

    Note that you can only use the serial number for a Nero version on one computer. I don't think v9 asks you why you're installing on a different system. In all likelihood, you'll have to send an e-mail to customer service and ask them to reset your serial number once you have installed on the new machine.
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