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I’m confused and frustrated

Help on Nero Burning ROM 2014......

I purchased Nero Burning ROM 2014, and I have a couple of questions, if someone can help me....... 1). Is there a difference between Nero Burning ROM 2014 -and- Nero 2014? I'm beginning to think that I may have purchased the wrong software; and 2). What is the difference between UDF and ISO when burning a picture/data DVD? I hope someone can help me, PLEASE....... Thank you
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  • Hi Richard-

    Nero 2014 is the Nero Suite. It contains all the Nero apps whereas Burning Rom 2014 has no other apps. If there are other things that you would like to do with media such as burn a Blu-ray movie, AVCHD-DVD or DVD-Video project which is playable on a standalone player, you would need Nero Video.

    If you purchase the BR 2014 from Nero, they usually accomodate people who have purchased the wrong product.

    If you're just burning your pictures as a data disc, you would use DVD-ROM (UDF). The ISO is for burning things like Disc Images.

    This is a quick reply and we can get into more details as you see fit.
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