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Help with Nero 6 install on Windows 7 and further updates

Can anyone help with Nero 6 install please.We have Windows 7 and I have tried to install Nero 6 without success. I have read Q&As on the forum page but am not a technophobe and worry about mucking up my laptop. I need to install Nero to be able to convert my camcorder discs into DVDs as cannot do this from the camcorder. Nero 6 installation disc was provided with the camcorder and I managed to install on my old PC but now need to move on and convert a number of camcorder discs. Can anyone help please with some basic/layman's term advice? Thank you
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  • Hello Helen-

    Nero v6 is not Win 7 compatible and you didn't say why it won't install.

    I don't think you can do the procedure I'm going to give you using the file on the disc. You can try it but, if it doesn't work, copy the Setup.exe file (it could be setupx.exe but I don't have your disc) to your hard drive. Right click on the .exe file and select Properties. In the Compatibility tab, make the compatibility mode XP and check the box. Check the box to "run as administrator". Apply and then select Ok. Double click on the file to start the installation.

    I'm guessing you have an Essentials version of Nero. To update v6 you would have to buy the update disc. I can tell you how to do that but I think you would be better off buying either Nero 2016 Classic or Platinum, depending on the extent of things you want to do. You can also buy older versions of Nero at which are Win 7 compatible (v9 (with certain updates) and later).

    Let me know how it turns out.
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