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Hi. Duplicate manager photo keeps stopping on me.

Hi. Duplicate manager photo keeps stopping on me part way into detecting content. How can I correct this? A few times I have gone to check on its status and the program has closed itself. I had 2018 which worked fine. I just bought 2019 and am having problems. Please help. Thank you
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  • Hello Greg,

    We briefly checked your problem but it is not able to be reproduced at our side.

    Comparing to 2018 Duplicate manager 2019 need more time to finish the overall detecting because it will also list similar images for you. If the detecting progress is still going forward at left-bottom corner, it means Duplicate Manager is still working and please just be patient for the final result.

    To make sure that we are in the same picture, would you please provide more detail information? Then we can dig out the problem and help you.
    1. Which process did you experience the 'stopping' problem? It is better if you can upload the screen shot with the problem to this entry. We will check.

    2. How about the folder(s) that you added to do detecting? Can you tell us roughly how many photos in the folder(s) that you added?

    3. It will be really appreciated if you can upload the log files to OneDrive and share the link to us. Because with the log files, we can check more details. You can find Duplicate Manager logs at C:\Users\[your user account]\AppData\Local\Nero\Nero 2019\NDM\Log\. Please zip all log files under this folder and upload to OneDrive. Share the link in this entry. We will check.

    Thank you
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