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High definition video error while reinstalling nero 10

During the attempt to reinstall nero 10.6.11300, I receive a newer version of high definition video playback is installed, remove newer version. I have no ide what newer version is installed, where it is or the name to remove it. Any ideas???
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    That was a common problem with v10.

    I assume this is a fresh download of the trial from I'm also assuming you have no other versions of Nero installed.

    Set a Windows system restore point.

    Run regedit.exe. Search for- high definition

    Delete those entries (usually only in Data or Values) which are both identified for Nero and are related to high definition video. Since I have so many versions of Nero installed, the exact location of the keys I remember have been changed to something else. If I remember correctly, there were two entries but now I have additional multiple entries associated with the .mui caches for different versions.
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