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How can i burn mkv files with nero 2016 platinum ?

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  • Hi Eleazar,
    It depends on what format you want them in.

    If you just want to keep them as data files on a DVD that will retain them as .mkv files, then you can use Nero Burning ROM to make a data DVD and add the .mkv file to a burning compilation and burn them onto a blank DVD "as is".

    If you want to transform them into a playable DVD like a commercial DVD that will play on any "normal" external DVD player, then you need to "author" a blank DVD by using Nero Video.

    If using Nero Video ...

    There, you would choose "Create disc" / DVD - DVD video

    Import your .mkv file.

    Use the "next" button to advance through the stages ...

    Choose a DVD menu from a template if you want to, or choose "Do not create a menu" if you don't want a DVD menu screen to be on the final result.

    Use the "next" button to advance to the next stage.

    Preview the movie.

    Use the "next" button to advance to the next stage.

    Then select the DVD burner as the output.

    Use the "burn" button to let Nero video "transcode" and burn the content to a blank DVD.

    That will result in a DVD with the Video_TS file structure that is recognized by all DVD players.
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