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I’m frustrated

How can I stop Nero Platinum 2018 from installing programs I do not want?

There doesn't appear to be any way to choose which programs Nero Platinum 2018 installs. I DO NOT want Nero BackItUp installed and I DO NOT want Nero BackItUp running as a Windows service in the background.

How can I uninstall Nero BackItUp from my Nero Platinium 2018 installation ?
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  • Hi guy-

    I think that Custom settings are available sometime when you run the actual installation but I can't say for sure. However, I'll give you a procedure to disable it, since you've already done the installation.

    I don't know what your operating system is but, if it's Win 8 (I think) or earlier, go to Control Panel, Programs and Features. If it's Win 10, go to Control Panel, Programs, Programs and Features.

    Find Nero 2018.

    Click on it and select Change.

    In a subsequent screen, make sure that "Modify" is selected.

    Continue on until you see the screen with "Installation Settings."

    Click on the down arrow next to Nero BackItUp. Select the option that "This program will not be available."

    Continue on with the installation is finished.

    Run msconfig.exe.

    In the Services tab and Startup tab, disable the Nero BackItUp options and Apply the changes.

    You should no longer have it running in the background nor should you be able to select it in the Nero Launcher.
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