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how do I change the chapter time setting from 2 minutes to 5 minutes ?

The older version of Nero Recode allowed for changes to the chapter length setting. The default setting for Nero Video creates too many chapters ! Can your tech team offer a solution ?
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  • Chapters are just markers in the video which allow you to move back and forth to them during playback. The length of the clip between markers depends on where you put them.

    I'm not sure where in Nero Video that you are when adding chapters. If you select a disk project, such as DVD, DVD-Video when you open Nero Video, the option to automatically "detect" chapters is in the Clapboard options. If you select that, you can set the minimum length of chapters you want it to detect.

    If I'm misunderstanding, please provide more details.

    I'm unaware of any option to add chapters in any version of Recode.
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