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How do I get the Dish Network joey to recognize my computer and Nero?

Please tell me how to get Nero recognized on Dish Network (my entertainment provider). I bought Nero specifically because Dish said that it was compatible with my equipment.

I have Dish Network, including a Joey (separate-room device). In the Streaming part of Nero, , the Dish Network receiver (“Joey”) is listed. However, the Media server name, which is the default “Nero MediaHome,” is not listed. Nor is the computer. Another computer on the system is listed, but I do not have Nero on that computer.
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  • Hello sachssci-

    Honestly, this isn't a Nero problem. If the computer is not shown as connected on your TV, then the TV is also not going to see Nero MediaHome.

    I don't know anything about the Dish Network. I assume you have Network Discovery and MediaSharing enabled on the computer in Control Panel, Network and Sharing Center.

    Have you tried connecting to the network via your TV controls? On mine, I have to let it discover the network and then I have to enter the network password.

    How are the computers connected to the TV, e.g., Wi-Fi or ethernet. Is there some device between the computers and the TV?
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