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How to Adjust Nero 2016 Audio Resolution when Importing?

I am importing audio into my music library from my CDs in Nero 2016 Platinum. I guess it's done by Disc to Device. There are no settings I can tweak. It automatically selects the audio resolution. I want to import at CD resolution for a backup library. How do I do this? Also, I want to chose format resolution just like (dare I say it?) the iTunes application where I can go hi-res MP3 or lo-res MP3. Again, is that possible, or do I have to import in iTunes and then use the Nero Library?
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  • Hi Ken,
    If you have Nero Burning ROM ...

    When you open it and cancel the new compilation -

    With your CD in the drive ...

    Select Save Audio Tracks under the Extras tab at the top.

    Then, select the Output tab and choose the file type ... mp3; flac etc
    and the quality setting just below that.

    example screen captures below:

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