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I’m frustrated

how to contact nero ag to solve my problem

I bought Nero 2017 Platinum with music recorder premium(ref # 116512034) & Nero Platinum 2018 Suite(include 6 apps) (ref.#125426477) on line in 2017 yr.Now I like to transfer 2 Nero Platinums to my new bought CPU Computer.please help me & instruct how I can do it and Nero AG won't give me harsal and don't let me use Nero platinums fully .For I want to directly contact Nero through e-mail or phone# but no way I can do it, I only find cleverbridge phone # ,very frustruated,even contact customer support is cleverbridge & it only show my order purchase,etc.Any one can help?May be give me Nero correct e-mail address,so I can present my issue to Nero, for those cleverbridge support is only for order only,help,help,thks. guys
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