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How to create a menu in Nero Video 2019?

I'm new in the programme. I found out how to make different sections in my video project, but how do I make it possible when watching the movie to select between the sections/scenes (like a DVD menu) or at least skip back and forward between sections?

Help would very much be appriciated :-)
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  • Hi Maja-

    To be able to skip back and forward during playback, you need to add chapters at the locations where you want to skip back and forth to. You can add them in Make Advanced Movie by positioning the red positioning line where you want a chapter and then click on the icon that looks like a lollipop just above/to right at the very end of the time scale. You can also add them in the Content screen which is where you go after you opt to create a disc after leaving the editing screen or elect to "create disc" when you open Nero Video. You can click on the time scale under the preview screen to locate the position for a chapter. Then, click on the Clapboard under the time scale and select "add chapter."

    Note that you need to always add a chapter to the very beginning of the project. You can only have 99 chapters in a title.
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