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How to Export finished Nero slideshow file to another format

I have finished a slideshow project and want to be able to use it in a different format.  The export option is before I get to the finish(end) where I can burn to a DVD or write to the hard drive.  I want the entire slideshow to be included in the export option.
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  • Hi Calvin,
    If you use the export button from Nero Video, is *should* export the entire slide show, including any themes or effects - for example as a .mp4 file of your choosing.

    If you are using a trial version however, it will limit the amount of material that can be exported.

    If the version you are using has your serial number showing correctly in the Nero ControlCenter serial numbers section, it *should* work.

    Are you coming at this via "Create Slideshow" or via "create DVD - DVD video" ?

    Either way, it should export the material, but I would recommend using "Create Slideshow" as this gives you the ability to have a higher definition video result than the default DVD settings.
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