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I’m frustrated

how to fix my nero media library which has been corrupted

After installing Nero Platinum ,i found out that my Midia Library was corrupted it has
pick up some videos installation of cyberlink power DVD 14 software that i previously install ,how to remove and reinstall the data base ?Please help
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    You can go to C:\Users\"Your user name"\Appdata\Local and rename the Nero folder to Nero1 and the Nero_AG folder to Nero_AG1 (you can use whatever you want in the renaming process). When Nero MediaHome (NMH) is restarted, it will generate new folders\files.

    This process shouldn't be used routinely if you do things like create named faces, add tags, etc. since they will be deleted. In addition, your NMH Library will be cleared.

    However, I'm not sure that your database was corrupted.

    For instance, if you have NMH set to automatically add all media it can find, it will search for media on all storage devices you have, everytime it starts up.

    By the same token, if you have a drive or partition in the Library, it will do the same type of search on that drive or partition.

    In addition, if the files you mentioned are mixed with other files in a folder that you have in the Library, they will appear again if you add that folder to the Library. In that case, it would be best to move them.
    • Renaming the folders has gotten the library in order after the automatic adding of files from the external hard drive that hosts Western Digital backups.  Manually adding folders made for an orderly, manageable database.

      Is there a way to recover the playlists for the music part of the library?  Most of them have partner CD burn lists and the files are ordered in the source folders so the situation is far from dire.

      Mixcloud requests a cue sheet for uploaded DJ shows.  Is that extractable from the source CD?  It seems I used CD text when burning back in the day.  Perhaps CoverDesigner can
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  • I don't know which file contains the playlists. If I did, you could probably get it from one of the folders you renamed.

    In regards to the playlists, you could open one of your CDs in NMH and then select all the tracks. Start to play one of the tracks. Right click and select Create New Playlist.

    I don't know what to tell you about cue sheets.
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