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how to reinstall Platinum Nero 2015?

in 2015 I upgraded to Platinum Nero 2015.
It worked perfect. But ... last week my laptop crashed. All system and applications software had to be reinstalled. I'm using Windows10.
What is the best procedure to reinstall my Nero Platinum 2015? I have the serial number.
Thanks for helping.
Walter De Hertog
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  • Hi Walter,
    You can find the installer from the Nero previous products download page ...

    Here for example:

    Download the installer and run it with a right-click on the downloaded exe file and select "Run as Administrator"

    Enter in the Nero 2015 Platinum serial number (39 characters long including the hyphens) during the installation or after via the Nero ControlCenter / serial numbers / "Add" button.

    If you run into a problem where it says you have it installed already on another computer or you have exceeded the number of re-installations ...

    Try sending an email to:

    along with the serial number details requesting a serial nu,mber reset / activation..
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