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How to import a power point file? Why is the installation of Power Point required?

Inatalled Nero Video 2014 a few weeks ago. Saw the menu option to import a power point file. So, started a very large project, planning to create the power point first, then import into Nero and finish. Running short of time, so I decided it would be smart to import a "test" power point file rather than waiting till the last minute and be surprised by some issue. There seems to be a strange requirement withing Nero that in order to import a power point file, Microsoft Power Point 2003 must be installed on the same computer. Why would this be? Are there other "gotcha's" I should look out for or plan into my timeline regarding this "import from power point" feature?
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    I'm guessing that NV uses the code for the PowerPoint files from PowerPoint. However, I think that all you need is the PowerPoint Player which is free. I can't tell for sure since I have PowerPoint installed but not activated. I also have the player installed.

    This is similar to how Nero uses the codecs from QuickTime Player and Windows Media Player to work with .mov and .wmv, respectively.

    Does that make any sense?
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