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How to lower process priority for a running NBCore process?

How can I modify the CPU priority of NBCore.exe (Nero BackItUp 2010) when it's running under Windows 7?
When I try to lower the active priority from 'High' to 'Normal' from Task Manager's 'Processes' tab, a dialog box says "Unable to Change Priority - The operation could not completed - Access is denied", even though I am in an Admin group account with admin privileges, and the process is running in 'my name'.
When NBCore is running a backup, other processes have to wait a long time to get CPU time, and the PC is bogged down.
Any ideas?
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    Hello Sam-dottore,

    when you create an job within Nero BackItUp & Burn, you can access in the last step of the backup setup the "Expertoptions". In the section CPU-control, you will have the possiblity to change the priority of the job.
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  • Thanks for your reply, GregF
    I have already tried what you suggest, which seemed the obvious thing to do.
    However, even having set the CPU control for any of my scheduled backup jobs to low priority in ExpertOptions, when NBCore.exe kicks off, to perform the backup, it appears in Task manager at 'high' priority, and when I try to lower it, the message I mentioned appears, and the process remains running at high priority, even though I have admin privilege. I don't understand it.
    Sadly, because I'm running an older version of BackItUp (2010), it is no longer supported by Nero, even though I'll bet the central process that does the real work hasn't changed much, if at all, in newer versions.
    I've just thought... I wonder if the fact that the job has passed through the hands of the job scheduler service has anything to do with my inability to change its running priority? Is there anything in the job scheduler that allows priority control by a user?
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