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How to protect an activated "Patent Activation" in Nero 9?

I've installed Nero 9 on a hard drive that is used strictly for cloning other hard drives on the same system. I do this due to the fact that I do extensive Audio, video and graphic work, so I can create specific software environments. On the initial drive for cloning, I activated the "Patent Activation" and all went well up until recently, when all of a sudden, Nero was requesting the "Parent Activation". Now I figure one of 3 things is going on: 1- After a year of installing/updating software, something wiped it out. (Do not think this was the cause.) 2- I have upgraded my version of CCleaner to pro, and in the cleaning process, it wiped something out. (I do think this is the case.) 3- Cloning the drive, something vis a vis nero is not staying as is. Now what is important to be noted here, is I can not pin point the problem due to the fact that the parent activation problem has not shown up until I have opened "Showtime" or "Recode" while my LAN connection is active (turned on). My questions are: 1- Where is all activated patent information stored, so it can be protected (reg. keys/ files)? 2-Is it the cloning that is wiping out the activated patents, and how do I fix it?
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